Run Around the Clock

If you are a runner you must know that our obsession usually annoy common folks. So this blog has a mission: to annoy all the right people! runrunrun!

So…I was a naturally skinny kid. Like, knee caps bigger than thighs, you know? My body had a really accelerated metabolism to the point that my doctor said that I should eat supplements cause it could slow down my growth process. 

I was also very active, I’ve done olympic gymnastics, horse back riding, ballet, jazz, tap dance (this one for almost a decade) etc…

When I got to high school it was a whole different story. My metabolism stabilized, but I was used to eating everything that I wanted and not even thinking about it. Also I’m pretty nerdy, so with all the studying I exercised less. I went to the gym and did dance classes, but I loved fast food. I never got fat, but I had some nice rolls. I have an amazingly small bone structure combined with a typical pear-shaped brazilian body, which can sometimes look like I’m soooo skinny, but I really accumulate fat on my hips and lower backs (which in a moderate amount can be very flattering).

In the end of high school, beginning of college I realized that there was no reason why I couldn’t be thin again. I went on a crazy diet, practically starving myself, and lost like almost 20 pounds in one month and a half. Of course I gained some of it back later. Since then I stressed a lot about my weight and about being skinny.

Then I started running. To get in shape, to reduce my anxiety, but also because I was fascinated by it. So I started in 2010 and I never stopped. I like challenges and trying to have control in difficult moments, so I passed those feelings I was directing to a number on a scale to running. And it worked. The most amazing thing is, to run I have to eat, and I love running more than I liked the idea of being skinny. And I love running more than I like drinking, staying up late or bad eating habits.

Now: I want to focus on what my body can do, not on what it looks like. I eat mostly clean, I exercise 5-6 days a week, but usually my rests are active rests, where I do some light yoga.